The Page Builder.

Create unlimited layout variations with the incredible page builder!



With our custom built page builder, you can very easily create layouts the way you want them to be, whether you are a beginner or an expert. A ton of styling options have been included to customize the look of of your website along with layout options. Below is an overview of all the features that are included.


The Modules.

Create fantastic layouts with 32 modules that we have included in our page-builder to give you an exceptional amount of freedom. 
Accordian Toggles

Add animated accordian toggles to pages for sleek FAQ’s.


Add a button anywhere and customize icons, colors and styles.


Draw attention to paragraphs with customizable dropcaps.


Build custom text lists and display them with an optional icon.

Portfolio – Carousel

Add an awesome carousel to display multiple portfolio items.

Revolution Slider

Display the Flex Slider or the Revolution Slider in various sizes.


Showcase and highlight a video as a subtle background behind your content.

Title & Icon

Display your Twitter feed  in an automated Flex slider.

Animated Numbers

Highlight information with customizable animated numbers.


Grab the visitor’s attention with a customizable call-to-action box.

Flex Slider

Add images with varying sizes (fullwidth too!) with the animated Flex Slider.


Alert or notify visitors with customizable notification bars.

Portfolio – Details

Display project details such as the client, project date and website URL.


Add spacing above or below modules to make your layouts pixel-perfect.


Add user/client reviews in a pretty awesome slider along with an image.


Display embedded videos directly from Youtube or Vimeo.

Blog – Recent Posts

Display recent blog posts in a 3 or 4-column layout.

Client Carousel

Display client logos in a customizable nifty little carousel slider.

Google Maps

Display awesome Google Maps in various sizes to showcase your location.

Percentage Bars

Showcase skills or a project status with animated percentage bars.

Portfolio – Recent Posts

Display recent portfolio posts in a 3 or 4-column layout.

Special Titles

Add more variety to section headings with the special titles option.

Text Block

Add textual content using the default WordPress text editor.


Add page navigation with highly customizable breadcrumbs.


Style up your layout content with a customizable divider.


Add variation to your layouts with 369 icons of the Font Awesome pack.


Showcase your work in a wide variety of portfolio layouts.

Pricing Tables

Display up to 5 highly customizable pricing tables to pages.


Add tabs to your page content for elaborate F.A.Q’s and feature tours.


Display your Twitter feed  in an automated Flex slider.

That’s it?!

Nope. In addition to the awesome features above, you can extend these features even further with the options below.